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Babysitting Agency provides the most efficient online resource for families to search and find the best Canadian babysitters that meet their specific requirements in their immediate area in Canada. We provide babysitters with the opportunity to work and gain wonderful experiences with families and work that can fit right into their schedules.

The idea for Babysitting Agency was developed to ensure that Canadian families had the opportunity to find reliable, experienced babysitters they felt comfortable with and for babysitters to gain extra skills and experience working with children.
Our services are free of charge and with our easy to use database Babysitting Agency  has become an essential resource for both families looking for babysitters and for babysitters to find paid work that can revolve around their schedule. All our babysitters are experienced and possess high levels of responsibility to ensure families have that peace of mind that they so deserve when leaving someone with their children.

Registration will give every user unlimited access to our highly functional database and to a wealth of information about how to hire a babysitter to ensure that qualified and reliable babysitters for your children. Families will be able to search in their own time and carry out interviews to screen and hire babysitters without the use of an outside agency.

Babysitters will have the opportunity to create a babysitter profile and will also be given access to babysitting jobs. Families will then directly contact them and they can choose on their own terms whether to accept or reject a job. It is our belief that both families and babysitters should be completely in control of their child care and employment decisions and therefore we have created a service that does just this.

We wish families every success in the search for the right babysitter and we wish babysitters success in finding the right job that suits the demands of their schedule and meets their financial expectations.


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